Chances are, you’re using a storage unit inefficiently. However, it may be more fair to say that you can be utilizing storage more effectively if you had a few simple tricks in your arsenal. In Medicine Hat there is a large fluctuation of people moving to and from the city itself, so storage units will always be something you may end up using. In this article we will discuss five life hacks to help you store anything anywhere and waste less space.

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  • Fold your clothes the right way: Clothing and other things such as bedding are a sneaky culprit for wasted space. Even a small family can build up a fair amount of clothing. Therefore, saving a bit of room for each item you store properly can add up! There are a plethora of neat tricks to fold things and the list is seemingly endless. So here’s a quick video showing you nearly 30 different tricks in just a few minutes.
  • Vacuum Sealed Bags : This is also very important if you are concerned about storing your clothes properly as this will eliminate most of the air between items. As vacuum sealing may seem the best route to go, simply folding is a much cheaper solution since it usually only requires some wit and elbow grease. Not everyone can afford to buy so many of the bags, however its actually quite surprising how much the can hold.
  • Have a Garage Sale: This is easy for some and harder for others. When you are moving things into a storage unit or just trying to save space, it’s best to take stock of everything and see what may be collecting dust. Garage sales are a great way to clear up space and make some money in return. Whatever doesn’t sell, consider donating to local charities. Medicine Hat and most other cities in Canada have places dedicated to donation for the Salvation Army.
  • Play Tetris: Seriously, play some Tetris. Tetris is the classic game where you’re goal is to properly align falling blocks varying in shapes and size so that they don’t reach the top. This requires you to quickly analyze the most effective placement for each block in order to clear lines of existing blocks. Practicing this will train your brain to see effective ways to properly store boxes and other items in your home or storage unit.
  • Use Strong Boxes: Most people tend to re-use boxes for moving, and that’s perfectly fine. Just keep an eye on their integrity and condition. Slouching and leaning boxes can cause problems when things stack up. Replace the boxes that are a little worse for wear with some new ones and maybe consider distributing the heavier items more evenly and near the base of you’re storage area.

There you have it, 5 life hacks to help you store your belongings in Medicine Hat or wherever else you may be located. Follow our website for more future life hacks and other related articles about storage and more!

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