Not everyone is used to moving. Some of us do it once a year, some of us do it once a decade. Either way, it’s most likely something you will eventually encounter moving in or out of Medicine Hat and having to utilize a storage unit. You may not be moving your entire home, you may just be moving some belongings into a storage unit for extra space. So here are some helpful pointers to move things around if you are doing it yourself.

When you are about to move things, you should be prepared, do it properly, and plan for the future.

Enough chit-chat though, let’s dive into it!

Prep Time!

Ok, so you’re about to move a bunch of stuff into a storage unit. What should you prepare for?

Who is moving everything? Is it going to be just you or do you have some helping hands?

It’s important to see if there are some people who are available to help. With a pizza or case of beer, most people are more than happy to help. Even if you think you can manage by yourself, it’s best to see if there is anyone to help make your life easier. This not only makes things go faster, but it also mitigates the risk of injury from taking on something to large and damage to your belongings from dropping something.

What are you using to move everything? Do you have a U-haul, truck, trailer, or just a car?

It’s one thing to know how much you have and where it’s all going in your storage unit, but the method of getting everything there needs to be adequate to what’s needed. So if you’re moving 2 furniture sets and all you have is a Honda Civic hatchback, you’re going to need something a little more to move it all. So rent a U-haul, call a friend with a truck, or hire a moving company with a trailer possibly. If you are hiring movers, here is an interesting article with some tips for moving with hired hands.

Make sure you have the proper supplies for all your moving needs as well.

This includes ratchet straps and blankets. Make sure everything can properly be secured with straps to ensure road safety against all those bumps and turns. Also to make sure all your stuff stays intact, be sure to use blankets where necessary. Say, for example, a table on its top can slide around, so strap it down and lay a blanket between the top and any surface that could scratch it. This will keep the table in the truck and keep

Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated and well-nourished; moving can be exhausting at times.

Loading it and Transporting it

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When you are loading your truck or trailer, there are a few key things to keep in mind if you want everything to be a safe and straight forward trip.

When you are loading heavy items such as kitchen tables, large cabinets, entertainment units, etc; you need to load the heaviest objects towards the center of mass. If you are loading a truck, for example, you should load the heaviest objects against the side of the box closest to the front of the truck. This maintains a functional center of gravity, making turns safe and comfortable. If you put heavy objects too far from your center of mass, this can cause tips, skids, and loss of control of the vehicle.

Additionally, you MUST STRAP DOWN HEAVY THINGS. This isn’t just for the safety of your items, but also the lives of people on the road around you. A coffee table flying out of a truck going 50km/h can cause some serious damages, and possible death. So be sure things are secure.

Strapping things down also cause your items to be tightly brushing up against one another, so throw some blankets in between to make sure things don’t get scratched along the way.

Keep in mind that things get windy for an open truck box carrying assorted goods, so be sure the little things are buried well or they will get lost along the way.

Store it Properly the First Time

This is tricky to say exactly what you should do since everyone is storing different assortments of belongings. So here are some general rules of thumb to go off of to help you out.


Keep in mind if there is anything you are frequently going back for or need access to, it’s obvious to store that last so it’s right at the front. This is usually only obvious until after the fact, and you are hurtling over things just to grab that old sweater you now remembered and need. Optimally, you may want a clear path in the middle so you have access to everything, but that wastes space. So if you can’t manage that, then just try to keep the things you may want in the near future by the front of your unit.

Things may get dusty after a while, so stack accordingly. Tip your tabletop on its side instead of having the top facing upward to collect all the dust. Throw those blankets over the rest of it to keep things as fresh as possible.

Don’t forget to stack heaviest items underneath the lightest items. This keeps centers of mass at a comfortable low and limits the risk of things tipping over and breaking while you’re away. Also, this will make sure all your boxes keep their integrity and give you the option for re-using them later on.

You’re All Set!

So with these tips, hopefully, you are more prepared for your next move into a storage unit. Everyone has made simple mistakes that have cost them dearly, so we hope this helps you avoid those mistakes and make your life easier. These are just a few simple tips and tricks to help the process, so stay tuned for more articles on moving strategies. If there is anything we didn’t cover that you may be curious about, contact us today for some help.