You read that right, Medicine Hat has storage unit auctions! Much like the famous show “Storage Wars”, this is where abandoned or foreclosed storage units are placed online for auction to the highest bidder. With Extra Storage, we use Bid 13 as an auctioning platform for our units. There are also many other units from other locations listed if you are interested.

So with that in mind, and assuming you are on the hunt for hidden gems, let’s talk about what to expect. Additionally, we will cover some strategies and general guidelines to get the best bang for your buck!

What exactly is Bid 13?

Bid 13 is an online auctioning platform featuring storage units from across Canada and the US. Units locations, pictures, and latest bid pricings are listed in a clear and easy to understand format. Simply visit and see what catches your interest, then start bidding. Once complete, you retrieve the items within the unit in a timely fashion and do with it as you will.

Bid 13 has seen some incredible finds in its time. With storage units all over the place, there are success stories popping up everywhere. From cases where someone has found a fully functioning dirtbike, to a drawer full of diamond rings; the possibilities are seemingly endless!

If you have ever seen the show “Storage Wars”, you will have a general understanding of what bidding on storage units is like. A lot of the time, it’s a gamble since it isn’t always easy to tell exactly what is inside until you have gotten your hands on it after purchase. Therefore, let’s cover some of the basics of bidding on units, then move onto more advanced tips in order for you to turn a profit, or just find valuable things for yourself within these units.

Here’s what to expect from storage units up for auction.

This is a very dynamic environment where you don’t always know what to expect. However, with some preparation, you may have an advantageous outlook on units at a glance.

The exact circumstances of how these units came to be up for auction varies and may have some impact on what would be in there.

For example, a unit may be up for auction because someone has not paid their bill in the allotted time frame allowed by a facility. In this case, there are a few things to consider that may help gauge the value of a unit. First, the person has either neglected the payments for any given reason or simply cannot afford it. If they can’t afford it, chances are that anything valuable in the unit has been taken.

With this, you may see scattered belongings within the unit. From clothing, boxes, broken furniture, etc. This is going to be a time where you most likely shouldn’t waste your money. However, some people may disagree and say that since it will sell much cheaper than other units, it may be worth your time to just double-check.

Another example would be that someone has simply abandoned it and moved away. This is when you may find items such as a dirtbike since they couldn’t bring it along maybe. Luckily, with these cases, you will tend to find more valuable items and things that actually still function. So keep an eye out for items that seem fine otherwise, and you may just have a case of abandonment on your hands where someone left valuable items behind out of convenience.

Here are some strategies that clarify the guessing work!

At the end of the day, there will always be a portion of guessing work when deciding to buy a storage unit. So let us limit the variables and give you some strategies to optimize a profitable purchase!

  1. Observe and Learn: Don’t dive right into buying units if you are not well versed in the process, it’s best you do your research first. Talk to people who are seasoned bidders, and see what they say. Discover the mistakes everyone else has made, and avoid those at all costs.
  2. Be Prepared: Ok, let’s say you’re ready, and you want to purchase/bid on a unit. Keep in mind you have to actually unload everything from the said unit, so make sure you have a truck, U-haul, trailer, etc. Additionally, you will want to bring gloves for your own protection, you never know what may poke or cut you when you are searching through everything.
  3. Start Small: Don’t buy a giant unit packed to the top if this is your first time. Experience the process with a manageable amount the first time to save yourself the headache of finding out this isn’t for you. Once you have wet your toes with smaller units, you can gradually move onto bigger ones.
  4. Sense of Value: When looking at units, you can generally see a few visible items besides closed containers and boxes. Use these as an initial gauge of how much you should spend. If you are unsure of the value of certain items, Google is your best friend.
  5. Search EVERYTHING: Once you have purchased a unit, search every nook and cranny you can get into. This ensures a thorough sweep of everything within the unit and covers all the hiding spots for valuables someone may have hidden or stashed for safekeeping. Think like someone trying to hide things, and search the areas you would use as a stash.

So with those tips in mind, you should have an easy go-round with your first time buying a unit. There are no guarantees; storage units are a very ambiguous and dynamic place to find various things. You may strike gold, you may not. This is the fun part of bidding on storage units, you have to take a gamble in some cases. but with the right eye for things, and once you have gained enough experience, you will find what works best for you.

Will you be bidding?

We are excited to be a part of Bid 13’s incredibly easy system of online bidding. Over the years we have seen some extremely interesting finds within units for sale. Recently, there was an entire car engine strung up as if it were being worked on. Transmission and all!

So if this interests you, check our Bid 13 to see what’s up for auction at the moment, and hopefully you find exactly what you’re looking for. Happy hunting!