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Extra Storage in Medicine Hat is here to make the world of storage easy. Our self-storage services offer online booking and payments with no contract. Using our online platforms for payments and booking, you can also see what units are actually available to expedite the process even more. Additionally, if you need a U-haul, we are a licensed dealer so check out our U-haul page for more info. Using our online services you can see what storage units are available, calculate your size based on your needs, and reserve online. With these services available you now have easy and effective access to self-storage right here in Medicine Hat, no strings attached.

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Self Storage In Medicine Hat

Depending on the size of unit you select, prices vary from $69 to $180 per month. Register for our online service integration to gain access to our resources. You can calculate your unit size based on your needs. See what’s available, and then reserve online as well.

The only limit is your imagination, the law, and the size of unit you select. You can store any legal belongings that fit within our units. Additionally, we offer vehicle storage as well. If you have any other ideas or questions as to what you can store, contact us today.

For legality and safety reasons, no. At least not in our units. A self-storage unit would be an inadequate living arrangement, to begin with, and also it’s punishable by law. So if you need a place to stay, a storage facility will not be an adequate solution.

Well that depends on your needs and what is available. Luckily you can view whats available ranging from a 5×10 to a 10×25 storage units. Luckily we also have a size calculator based on what you are moving, whether it be a one bedroom apartment, two bedroom house, etc. So contact us today, book online, and start taking advantage of the best self-storage available in Medicine Hat and Redcliff.

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